When to Give Teacher Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Days

Back to School (Start of a New School Year)

End of the School Year

Teacher’s Birthday

Gifting a teacher on their birthday is a great way to appreciate them, or even just a cupcake! It is also a way to acknowledge that teachers like normal people have a life outside school – well kind of haha, they do take their work home often. A birthday gift means a lot to all of us. This is a unique way to make your teacher feel special and appreciated.


Holidays are also perfect gifting opportunities. This can come in form of gift cards, holiday decorations, a traditional present etc. This is done to express their gratitude, but mostly to celebrate holidays together with them. We are adding holiday ideas to this site all of the time and will try to get them listed below:

During Tough Times

Another good time to acknowledge and appreciate a teacher is showing support when they are going through a tough time. A gift for them after after being injured or sick, when they have lost someone close to them and more. Some teachers can become like family due to the time they spend with our kids.

when to give teacher gifts

What to Spend on Teacher Gifts

Gifting does not have to cost you much. These are a few inexpensive ways to gift the teacher who went above and beyond without breaking the bank. Appreciation goes a long way and you can spend whatever amount you are comfortable with. You could even get together with other parents in the class to split a more significant item. However, some schools may have specified gift amounts that a teacher can accept, so you might want to check before going big.

Teachers act as guides and play a huge role in shaping our children’s future. The best way to show them that their passion, hard work, and patience are appreciated is by giving practical and thoughtful gifts. Beware of the restrictions by the school’s administration on gifting. Food stuff might not be a good idea because some teachers can have food allergies or just not prefer homemade food or snacks. Take your time to come up with a gift idea that is fitting for both you and your kids’ favorite teacher.

Hope that helped you decide when to give teacher gifts, or how much to spend on teacher gifts. You don’t have to feel like there is a set time, date, or amount that you HAVE to do. Do what is right for you and your family above all.

Teacher Gift Ideas
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